Spreading Some Blog Loving


I haven’t slept for the last 3 days and 12 hours.   An ear infection (Peanut) and chronic insomnia (me – entirely coffee and chocolate induced).

I started blogging about a month ago and I know, I know, I should sort out that About Me page so you know who has been rambling at you and I will, I promise.  But before I do that – here are some blog posts that I have recently stumbled upon.  They are listed in no particular order and are just a few of my recent discoveries.  This means that I will be spreading some blog loving every now and then because even though I love writing what I have really been enjoying so far is discovering the great blogging community and so many great writers out there!  Ladies and gentlemen,  it is great to know that I am not the only one with words pouring out of my soul and through my fingertips.

So for now, have a cuppa (or a swally – whatever tickles your fancy) and a biscuit and enjoy reading what caught my tired wonky eye:

  1. Helloitsgemma’s fab Silent Sunday photo – talk about some Iggy love!
  2. Toastandbutter  because I totally agree
  3. Turtleandrobot because I love the name and the beautifully illustrated books they review
  4.  Inkyfool for explaining to me why I couldn’t answer a single question in the recent University Challenge.  We had a steak for dinner that night, hence  I was beef-witted
  5. Fashion Detective because you are never ever too old for cherry red Dr Martens. Ever!
  6. Brainpickings  Simply clever.  Simply beautiful.  Simply Inspiring.
  7. A Little Bit Rosy for taking on the big guys at a recent UN conference in New York. I know, travel envy!
  8. Mummyneversleeps because I am still giggling
  9. All At Sea  because I love the story and the way it is told

Now that I am done sharing the fruits of my blog stalking… what blog posts have you been enjoying lately?

P.S. The BlueBerets are off to Sweden for two weeks in May and I would love to publish some guest posts from you to keep the blog going while we are chasing elks and stuffing our faces with meatballs.  So, whatever takes your fancy, grab a pen or your keyboard and get in touch! (and no, it doesn’t have to be about babies).


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