100 Word Challenge


An inspiring idea from Julia’s Place .  It is simple.  Write a piece in 100 words based on the prompt she posts every week.  So here we go…

… as the line was crossed…


300 stair steps”  I sighed.  Not again.

200 steps

Singing to my bum’s wobble, my thighs’ jiggle and my stomach’s waggle.

100 steps.  “Getting closer”

Sweaty vapours are drowning me in toxic fog.  Last night’s tikka and garlic bread.  I know, I know… X  thinks I’m odd but I like it.  “Curry on.”

50 steps

My toes are bleeding.

1.5 step

A glimpse of the yellow line marking the last step.  Hope.  “Help”

0 steps left

Made it.  As the line was crossed, I felt my pocket.  The keys.  In the car.  Have to go back.

Bloody lifts.  Always broken.







15 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge

    • Aw – thank you 🙂 very new on the blogosphere so great to get more readers! Glad you liked it. Going to read more blogs on the linky. Love to expand my horizons 🙂

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