100 Word Challenge

Inspired by my early childhood memories. Imagine being backstage behind the Iron Curtain where a certain product is a treasured commodity.

…the queue was so long…

A man picks his nose. Two women peel and share hard-boiled eggs and bread. 1..2..3 poppies on the two identical scarves they wear.

Two men exchange punches and Kurwas.

“Jumping the queue. Doesn’t fear God.”

“They used to hang rats like him.”

A few applaud. The Queue sways forward. Someone faints. The Queue marches over the body.

Front of the Queue – a victorious yelp and scurrying steps.

“New delivery next month.”

The Queue was so long it twisted three times around the block.

The lucky ones wear necklaces of toilet rolls.

The rest of us start to crumple old papers.


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