Haiku VI

Dear Peanut

This week is all about language.  Your first words that sound more and more ‘real’ and less like baby babble (which I find very adorable by the way).

Everyday we listen to you commenting on the food and demanding Unidentified Forbidden Objects.  You get frustrated when we don’t understand what you want – sorry wee man.  Sometimes we get it wrong.

You are growing up surrounded by two cultures and languages and I joke that you will be phonetically confused for a while.  On one end of the spectrum – the pesky English sounds of th and ph.  On the other end – Polish surging sz, cz and szcz as in szczcescie (luck in Polish).

I may be biased but your little voice is the cutest I have ever heard (even when you throw a tantrum – see below).


Mum xxx


zis, yis, ahmam

your first words

busy swallows in your mouth


torrential tears, furrowed face

furious frog on the floor

my No – your sprawl


my keys, my phone, my time

my toast, my drink, my love

Dat  is for what’s yours is mine

copyright BlueBeretMum

8 thoughts on “Haiku VI

    • Thanks Judith – we have just begun the toddler – do(o)m stage – it is very exciting though involves me drinking my coffee and eating my toast in hiding a lot of the time 😉 x

      • Oh yes, the following is a common scenario in our house. 7am, The Boy says “Mummy, little cake?”
        Mummy: (outraged) “No! Cake is not breakfast. You can have some weetabix.”
        Mummy goes into the kitchen, makes some weetabix for the children while slicing herself a large slice of chocolate cake and devouring it in secret, entirely unaware of the double standards.

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