A Black Cat

black cat

A Black Cat
it’s never a black dog that brings me a stick
when I least expect it
instead a black cat leaps seamlessly
from the couch onto a chair and into my lap
 a soft paw against my dry palm
an invisible scratch – I swear in surprise
it’s the hand that feeds you your daily fish
and strokes your fur should you so wish
the cat rolls on its back and wags its tail
sometimes it extends its stay
spies on me
when I sip my tea and feed my baby Weetabix
sometimes the white tip of its snaky tail, and
 the familiar purr are gone for months
yet I know it hasn’t forgotten, where once
it played a hide-and-seek game
and I will let it build a nest in my hair
at night after
it has left dead mice galore on my kitchen floor
it takes me 34 years 3 months and 1 day
to cover up the cat flap
and hush the cat away
Prose for Thought

5 thoughts on “A Black Cat

  1. It really feels to me that this is all about a pet that has not been with you for some time – I paticularly love the last few lines. Thank you for your fabulous writing and for linking to Prose for Thought x

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