BlueBeretMum is No More…

Sometime last week was my first bloggoversary.  Yay!

It all started with this post and…

in the last 12 months I  joined a book club, wrote my first book review here and, most importantly, I gradually slipped back into creative writing and writing poetry.  I also started drawing cartoons, just for fun, and published a book with motherhood inspired haikus.

And not to forget, I gained great readers and met some fantastic writers and poets – that would not have happened without my wee blog but…

BlueberetMum was initially meant to be a parenting blog, full of cute pictures and stories about raising Peanut.  It turns out it is not me and although I occasionally write about parenting, I have realised it is time to re-brand.   Having looked through my posts from the last few months I split them into two categories:

  • Poetry – no explanation needed
  • Pandemonium – everything else, mainly parenting cartoons and book reviews and whatever takes my fancy

So wave bye bye to BlueBeretMum and say hello to Poetry & Pandemonium.  I will be working on more updates in the next few weeks so watch this space.

And I hope you stay! Poetry and Cartoon Service resumes next week.

Happy Friday everyone!


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