Autumnal Haiku

Last week when I talked about November  I was surprised to see how many of my readers liked this morose month and so one day I decided to try something new … 

I wrapped Peanut up in blankets:

  • he turned into a raging banshee
  • I took ten deep breaths
  • he showed signs of being open to bribery
  • I bribed him with with some dried fruit (this strategy works like a charm) and at the same time I corrupted his wee innocent soul …again
  • we went for a walk

My mission was to become friends with November.

How did it go? I will leave it up to you to decide.

Here are some snippets from my diary entries from the last few days:




I normally do not find November very motivating… It often feels like a pre-Crimbo limbo with its short, dark days and invasion of corny adverts.

However… I have recently been reminded that I have a lot to be grateful for.

That it is easy to find happiness if I stop looking.

That even the cloud-encompassed times can be beautiful and inspire some poetry.


when you can’t lift an eyelid

your child stays inside his dreams’ cloud

and it’s not explosion of the clock

but wistful coffee smell that wakes you up.

You loiter near a bridge fence when someone

asks about your day, sweet smell of

your baby’s neck leads you home.

Sometimes you let your lions rest,

lapse into blissful silence, for once

you face your spiders and bats

and realise that they don’t bite.

You climb up your glass mountain

overlook the golden apples. Sometimes

it takes years of sore knuckles

before you can make good bread.

For the first time ever I am joining with Older Mum in the Muddle and her One Week linky. And since it is Monday, it is all about Magic Moments 😉

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