Dear Peanut

Summer is here or at least this is what the calendar says.

We have had some lazy sunshine sipping through the clouds which means you could work on your wobbling and stomping in our local park.

Everyday you show more of your unique personality; you are a funny boy. A stand-up comedy star in the making or a mountaineer, judging by your ability to climb the Everest tables, chairs, the kitchen cupboard and the big bookshelf.

Here are some snippets of last week. Something for you to read one day and remember. Taste of your first ever ice cream. Your first magic tent. And your second summer solstice.


Mum x

ice cream Gaping mouth

Soft vanilla, melting stars

Your eyes -two suns

Breeze in my hair h4

You at my skirt

Summer solstice

magic tent4 cushions, 1 blanket, 2 chairs

2 teddy bears at the gate

Welcome to Peanut’s Magic Tent