Creative Problem Solving – Part 4

And lastly, make an action plan, break it down into manageable chunks on your to-do list and go to your nearest corner shop to buy a scratch card (just in case you win and do not have to bother with real life and boring to-do lists anymore).  Bye for now – I am off to buy a scratch card…or 101.


Creative Problem Solving Part 3

Come up with a bad metaphor for your problem – like this wall.  Then imagine banging your head against it until your imaginary bruise is the size of a watermelon.  This will distract you from having to think about the issue and you may even forget about it completely as a result of your self-inflicted imaginary amnesia. Next!


How to Solve Problems & Be Creative – Part 1

Announce that from now on your name is Mary Poppins and grab an umbrella.  Then spend the rest of your life suspended in the clouds.  May the power of complete denial be with you!


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