How to Solve Problems & Be Creative – Part 1

Announce that from now on your name is Mary Poppins and grab an umbrella.  Then spend the rest of your life suspended in the clouds.  May the power of complete denial be with you!


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Making Memories

This poetry was inspired by my favourite granite city, lovely family, BlueBeretGranny’s profiteroles (Mary Berry eat your heart out!) and one Christmas tree.

I already look forward to Christmas 2014!


She, who got into her head

that she was Midas’ daughter,

turned the gold of twilight to lead


Ghosts of Christmas Past and Future


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!  I am taking a break from blogging until January. I need time to  work on expanding my waistline (chocolate!), getting through the pile of books on my bed table, writing a poem a day for the next 30 days (yes, I like my personal challenges and yes, probably 99% of these poems will be haikus) and doodling. 

See ya all in 2014! Have a Merry and Creative Christmas!



Prose for Thought

Interview with Ellie/BlueBeretMum – Letters to Peanut

Lovely Stephanie from Beautiful Misbehaviour has published an interview with me.  She writes a wonderful blog that focuses on creativity and motherhood so if you have not read it before you are missing out!

A warning – I may be revealing some dark writing secrets 🙂

Interview with Ellie/BlueBeretMum – Letters to Peanut.




Magic Guilty Pleasures

There comes a time in every mother’s life when she steals her child’s last biscuit and she does not feel any remorse. 

It is either the biscuit or her sanity.

Guilty as charged.

Just to Let You Know Dear Child

(After William Carlos Williams)

Mummy has eaten

the last biscuit

that was in

your tin box

and which

you wanted to eat

instead of fish & chips

for tea.

Sorry my child

it was yummy

so sweet

so crumbly.

P.S.If you enjoy my blog and poetry you may want to have a look at my latest collection of letters and poetry here.

I am linking up with the fabulous Magic Moments linky.

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