Message In My Botle


I don’t often get involved in campaigns.  Somehow I don’t feel I can shout loud enough.

But I believe in winning my own battles against this world’s Goliaths.  Like boycotting Nestle and Danone.

Ditching plastic bags for their reusable cousins.  Ditching my Vogues for The Big Issue.  Re-homing books I will not read and clothes I will not wear again.

I care about what happens next to this planet and its people (and all creatures great and small) and this is why I am joining Ecover (a staple in our cleaning cupboard – no toxic nasties with a young baby in the house) in their  ‘Message in our Bottle’ campaign.

So here is My Message in my Bottle:

Let’s keep the roses red

And the violets blue

(And the turtles happy)

I recycle my plastic

And so can you!

Disclaimer: I have been offered a big bottle of washing up liquid from Ecover in exchange for spreading the word.  It will come in handy and thank you but I would support the cause anyway.  If you do too,  share your messages.