A Japanese poem.  A contracted form of haikai no ku ‘light verse’.  It has seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world.

After some head scratching, nail biting and pondering I decided to scribble some poetry and show it to the cyber world.  So here are my three haiku and motherhood inspired poems. 

Dummy in my shoe

Far away, a baby cries

Pink cherry blossom


Child’s hand in mine

Two shadows on the pavement

Seven seagulls shriek


Water splish-splash

Evening bath – silver laugh

Cross car horn outside


A Short Story of Mrs G


I’m linking up my first short story with the lovely Vic and her Prose for Thought – go and have a look at some great poets and writers!

A Short Story of Mrs G

Teratoma. So it has a name.  Mrs G swallows a cough and reaches for an empty plastic mug in front of her.  Next to it, the water jug is empty too, with white deposit settled at the bottom.  She squeezes the mug in her hand.  Crack.  It is mid – June and the heat manifests itself in the sweat stains on her best “Sunday church” blouse.

“We need further tests.  Most cases are benign but this tumour is growing fast.  We will test the tissue and take it from there.”  The doctor takes off his glasses and starts polishing them with a hanky he fishes out of nowhere.  “Any questions?”